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Emily Blunt Gets Addicted in Behind-the-Scenes Clips for YSL Opium

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[brightcoveplayer 1288011002001]

She’s addicted — to her new perfume! Emily Blunt plays a woman on the hunt for Yves Saint Lauernt’s intoxicating Opium fragrance in new ads for the scent, which debut in December. In the behind-the-scenes clip above, eager fans can catch a glimpse of the starlet in action as she leaves a mysterious party — and even encounters a snow leopard — as she searches for the scent.

“It was thrilling,” Blunt says of filming the campaign. “I was given a story to play, and for me as an actress that’s very exciting. I’m not just posing or just trying to sell something.”

Announced as the new face of Opium in September, Blunt says this is the first time she’s served as the spokesmodel of a brand. “For me, it’s particularly exciting that it’s YSL just cause I’ve admired them for many years,” she explains in behind-the-scenes video interviews. “I have great respect for what the fashion house does.”

Blunt says she particularly likes fragrances because they’re easier to remember than a name or a face. “I think really that’s what I love most about it — it evokes so much for people. Everyone always says they’ve smelled something, and remember this beautiful memory they experienced maybe many years ago,” she says. “There’s something very powerful about it.”

The same can be said for Opium: Blunt says her character in the commercial is “on a mission, which is not that easy to do in really high heels!” But she perseveres. “That’s what Opium does to you — you suffer through it because you know you need it.” Look for the full Opium commercial in December.