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Eddie Cibrian: Shirtless Ads Are 'About the Product, Not About Me'

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Courtesy Iconix

When Eddie Cibrian was told he’d have to take his top off in ads for Charisma towels and bedding, he wasn’t too upset.

“They approached me and said, ‘We want you to represent our brand … And you’re going to have your shirt off in a bathtub, you’re going to have your shirt off in a bed and you’re going to have your shirt off in a pool,'” he recalled to PEOPLE Thursday during Fashion’s Night Out at Bloomingdales in New York. “So I said, ‘Well that’s realistic, because I don’t take a bath with a shirt on, I don’t sleep with a shirt on and I don’t swim with a shirt on, so it’s all good.'”

So The Playboy Club star stripped down, posing playfully in Charisma’s bright bedding. “You have a lot of people on the photo shoot looking at you, going, ‘Oh that looks wonderful, that’s unbelievable … those sheets look great,'” he joked. “I realized it was all about the product, and not about me.”

And how did new wife LeAnn Rimes feel about her husband going topless? “She was actually on the shoot, so he was directing me,” he shared. “She said, ‘A little sexier, Eddie, a little sexier!’ So it was fine.”

Cibrian, who transports back to the 1960s in his new series, said the show did change his views on style. “In that era, it was very fashionable, very stylish … people took pride in how they looked,” he explained. “I get to go to work every day and put on the suit and the cufflinks and the pocket square, and I transform every day into a dapper man.” Though the actor said he’s most comfortable when he’s at home in jeans and a T-shirt, he appreciates the aesthetic of the 1960s, too. “I love that whole era, for the architecture, the cars and the design.”

Catch the series premiere of The Playboy Club on Monday, Sept. 19 on NBC.

Eddie Cibrian for Charisma
Courtesy Charisma

–Kate Hogan