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Drew Barrymore: I'm Still Wearing the Brown-Red Lipstick Shades from the '90s (The Bangs, Not So Much)

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Time & Life Pictures/Getty; Inset: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

If you’re mildly-obsessed with Drew Barrymore, you’re not alone. The actress-slash-philanthropist-slash-beauty maven is just super cool. Case in point: She knows how to poke fun at herself, especially when it comes to the fashion and beauty decisions of her past.

“I saw what I wore to concerts and red carpets, and I was like, ‘That s–t is crazy,’ but I’m so glad I did it,” Barrymore told PEOPLE of her beauty history. “I’m such a mom now, but it makes me happy to know I had those moments in life. One thing I do love from the ’90s is the brown-red lipsticks. I never did the frosted lips, because it never looked good on me. As crazy as I was, those Wet’n’Wild colors, I knew not to do that.”

At the N.Y.C. launch event for her Flower Beauty spring collection, Barrymore did share one beauty regret from the past: “I’d do the blow dryer and the AquaNet at the same time on my bangs. And that wasn’t so attractive. I looked like Peppermint Patty.”

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Barrymore began work on her Flower Beauty cosmetics line while pregnant with now 17-month-old daughter Olive (there’s a green eyeshadow named after her!), and now she’s busy developing and promoting the brand’s latest collection during her second pregnancy.

Her favorite product from the entire line is the Skincognito stick. “I will not go anywhere without it,” she says, adding that she’ll get creative with her other makeup if need be. “I’ll go into a bodega and rub berries on my cheeks. And I’ll ask for a wine cork that they’ve thrown away and I’ll burn the end to make kohl for my eyes. I can get very creative with how to make makeup on-the-go, [but] I cannot figure out how to formulate the perfect concealer. So until I do, this thing never leaves my side. Never.”

Also a must-use: her new bronzing highlighters. “I want to rock the Bain de Soleil look from the neck up because it ain’t happening from the neck down,” the star, expecting her second girl in April, quipped. “Give me a year, and I’ll be back in a one-piece. My husband is like, ‘Let’s go to the beach,’ and I’m like, ‘No, lets go to the mountains.'”

Sorry to not have helped with your Barrymore obsession — but she’s just got “celeb BFF” written all over her. What do you think of her throwback looks and bridal beauty insight? Share your thoughts below!

–Brittany Talarico