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Dita Von Teese's New Perfume: Made for Grown-Up Girls

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Dita Von Teese knows how she wants to smell — and it’s not like candy. The burlesque-star-turned-perfumer has just put the finishing touches on her swoon-worthy new scent, and it has all the essences that she was going for.

“It’s a fragrance for everyone, and I’m really proud of the level of sophistication we reached both with the packaging and the fragrance,” she tells WWD. “There’s no fruity vanilla bull—t. I’m sorry, but you know what I mean? A lot of celebrity fragrances are fruit, vanilla, and I wanted something for grown-up girls.”

To accomplish that, Von Teese whipped up a fragrance that appealed to her own senses instead. “We’ve only just come up with the scent, so I’m still working on my lingo, but it’s a lot of luscious flowers — Bulgarian rose, tiare, peony — and there’s a sexy wood,” 
she shares.

But why did Von Teese want to expand her empire into perfume in the first place? “My signature fragrance that I’ve been wearing since I was 14 is Quelques Fleurs, and I had to stop wearing it because my boyfriend’s mother wore it,” she explains. “So that was a perfect time to develop my own fragrance.” The scent, $32, will launch in Australia this fall — along with Von Teese’s lingerie collection — then hit additional markets, including the U.S., in 2012. Tell us: Would you buy Von Teese’s new scent?

–Kim Peiffer