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Did Lauren Conrad Get a Major Haircut? Her Stylist's Photo Has Us Wondering...

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Courtesy Kristen Ess; Inset: Getty

We never thought we’d see the day when we typed “Lauren Conrad” and “bob” in the same sentence. But this latest photo from her longtime hairstylist Kristin Ess has us wondering if that day has finally come. On Saturday, Ess posted the above pic to Instagram, captioned simply “Bye.” And while we’ve got no proof that it is Conrad behind the major mane change, a few things make us think it’s a definite possibility.

First: The color. Conrad’s artfully dyed ombré has been inspiring girls around the globe for the past few years now — the slightly darker roots fading into that Cali-girl blonde at the tips is signature LC. Second: The length. Judging by a pic Ess posted Thursday from a photoshoot, the anonymous girl in the photo appears to be holding up roughly the right amount of ponytail for it to be a Conrad chop. Third: The client. A tour of Ess’s Insta makes it apparent that Conrad is her main mane muse — the two are practically inseparable when it comes to big hair moments.

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What makes us think that it might be a tease? Well, Conrad is pretty traditional, so it’s hard to imagine her getting a huge chop with a wedding on the horizon. Not to mention, Conrad loves to share hair news with her fans on her blog, and she’s been mum on the subject so far. But we’re keeping our eyes glued to Conrad’s Instagram, just in case we need to add yet another dreamy Conrad do to our “hair we love” list.

What do you think: Did Conrad go for the chop? Think she would rock the bob? Tell us below!

–Alex Apatoff