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Diane Kruger On Beauty, Aging and Hating the Gym

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Courtesy Chanel (2)

Our style crush on Diane Kruger is no joke — and it’s no secret either. There aren’t many people who could make us want to try formal jerseys, overalls and whatever you’d call this, but somehow she manages to make even the trickiest trends look effortlessly cool.

So when she talks beauty and fashion, we get out our spiral notebooks and pens and take notice. DuJour magazine‘s August cover star got personal about her feelings on those subjects — and the mag nabbed some gorgeous behind-the-scenes shots from her Chanel skincare ads to accompany the interview.

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As it turns out, Kruger’s relationship with Chanel goes way, way back — and beyond just being a perfect mannequin for the house’s designs. “I’ve had a bond with the house since I was 15. My first shoot as a model was for [designer] Karl Lagerfeld!” she says. “I immediately fell under the charm of his kindness and his sense of humor, and, of course, our German roots brought us closer.”

And though she’s been modeling since she was a teenager, Kruger says that she’s more comfortable with her looks now than ever before. “I would say that I’m kinder to myself,” she says. “Even though I loved being 20, I’m not nostalgic about my beauty at that time … If I’m happier now, then I’m more beautiful than I was before.”

She prefers to enhance that beauty herself, she tells DuJour: “I prefer to do my own makeup. I want above all to look like myself. Feeling beautiful is a private emotion [and] this helps me put things in perspective, accept myself as I am.” And though she’s religious about her skincare routine to keep herself looking gorgeous, she does admit that there’s one thing she does let go: Her fitness routine. “I’m not really athletic. I hate going to the gym. Exercising only makes sense if I get pleasure out of it. But pleasure comes from real life, not from staying in a bubble.”

Okay, we’re ready to order the “Diane Kruger Non-Bubble Workout Video” if that means we’ll be any closer to achieving her signature look! For more from the star, check out her interview with DuJour, and tell us: What do you think of her skincare and exercise mantras?

–Alex Apatoff