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Demi Lovato's Nail Art Kits: I'm Not Going to Follow Any Rules

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Courtesy Stephanie Stone. Inset:David Livingston/Getty

Anyone who has ever followed Demi Lovato on Twitter (so, uh, nearly 20 million people) knows that the singer and X Factor judge is passionate about her nail art. That’s why it came as no surprise to hear that she was partnering up with The New Black to create her own nail art kits, which just launched at Ulta on Friday.

Lovato drew inspiration from her increasingly funky nails over the X Factor season, as manicurist Stephanie Stone shares above and below. And through her on-set collaboration with The New Black, her capsule collection was formed. “The New Black was behind my nail art all last season,” she tells PEOPLE.” As the tapings continued, I also continued to share my ideas with them — different color combinations and designs, adding jewels or studs — to really make them stand out. It just felt natural to collaborate and bring these ideas to life to share with my fans!”

Demi Lovato nail art
Courtesy Stephanie Stone

Asking her to narrow it down to one favorite kit at the moment was tough, though. “Besides all of them being my favorite?” she asked. “Right now, I’m really into ‘Safari.’ I love the name since I just came back from an incredible trip to Kenya this past summer!” “Safari” contains gold foil, just like her other current favorite “Shattered,” which is a little darker. “I love the edgy-glam look this kit provides — solid black and gold punk rock studs — something I’m really into at the moment.”

Don’t worry if you’re not quite in Lovato’s glam-rock mindset at the moment — she’s got girlie for you: “Some of my friends really like ‘In Love.’ I think because it’s the most feminine kit. The color combination is great to do ombré and the silver rhinestones add just enough bling!”

Lovato, of course, has been sporting some blue hair lately, so we asked if she felt she needed to tone down other parts of her look, since the nail/hair combo is pretty bold. “I definitely feel like more of a rocker than ever before,” she says. “At first I thought I had to wear really natural makeup since my hair was so bright, but lately I have been playing around with red lips and I love the combination. I am not going to follow any rules. I am going to just have fun with it!”

Sounds like a good motto for her nail art kits too. Check them out at Ulta store and, then tell us — are you into nail art? Which of Lovato’s looks is your favorite?

–Alex Apatoff