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Demi Lovato Says You Don't Have to Dress Sexy On Halloween (But She Won't Judge You If You Do)

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It’s the best day of the year for many of us: Halloween! Okay, it might not be your favorite holiday, but both Demi Lovato and the writer of this post have been planning costumes and carving pumpkins, so the excitement level is pretty high around here.

And we’re relieved to share that when we sat down with the pop star this week at an event, she shared her (very un-Hollywood) costume philosophy with PEOPLE: You can dress sexy whenever you want, but “you only get to use fake blood once a year!”

Demi Lovato Halloween costume
Courtesy Demi Lovato; Film Magic

“Last year, I wore a really long dress that was actually from my Let It Go music video. I ripped it up, and I stained it with (fake) blood. I was a zombie! To me, that’s more fun than having to worry about what you look like all night,” said Lovato, who loves all things spooky (she’s been posting Halloween-esque Instagram pics for months!).

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But if you already have a super-sexy costume planned, she totally gets it! The star has been working out like crazy during the tail-end of her tour (often twice a day, with the pics and the bod to prove it!), so she might just show a little more skin than usual. “I’m kind of getting some confidence with all the hard work I’ve put in, so I might go a little sexier this year,” she said. “But not like, Mean Girls slutty!”

What are you being for Halloween?! Are you going sexy, scary or both? Tell us everything in the comments section below!

–Loni Venti