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Dancing With the Stars' Costume Designer Reveals Sparkly Secrets

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Bob D’Amico/ABC

There’s no doubt your television will be sparkling tonight as the latest season of
Dancing with the Stars
kicks off. But one of the biggest highlights of the evening — aside from discovering which stars can (and can’t!) bust a move in the ballroom — is seeing what the contestants are wearing. Recently, costume designer Randall Christensen spot with Stylelist about his behind-the-seams plans to dazzle the crowd with those infamous barely-there costumes. For reality star and former playmate Kendra Wilkinson, Christensen said there is definitely an art to covering her assets without revealing too much. “With Kendra, I think we can prove that being covered up is just as sexy as showing a lot of skin,” he tells Stylelist. “We certainly did that last season with Bristol Palin. But, as the weeks progress, if she continues competing, I’ll bet you see she wants to peel some layers away.” Model Petra Nemcova is all for that. “[She’s] gorgeous with legs that start at her shoulders practically,” Christensen said. “But I was delighted to learn she’s actually studied fashion. She’s got a great eye and even sent me some sketches of ideas!” Meanwhile contestant Kirstie Alley, who has had a very public weight struggle, claims she’s a little nervous about the whole skimpy outfit situation, but is embracing it regardless. “Finding just the right look for her is an ongoing process and Kirstie really knows what looks good on her body,” Christensen says. “I’ve even had her show me clothes she loves to wear, so I can borrow some of that detailing. So I’m confident we will find just the right thing.” For more on the stars’ looks, head over to Tell us: Are you excited to see this season’s costumes? –Kim Peiffer