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Cures for Your Summer Shoe Pain!

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Photo: courtesy footpetals

If you spend all winter dreaming of your new cute sandals, but all summer cursing the blisters and cuts that take over your feet, you’re not alone! From strappy heels to rubber flip-flops, summer shoes can wreak havoc on the toughest feet. Luckily, there is a product out there to take save you from any more summer shoe pain. Here are a few of our favorites.

Do thong sandals hurt you right between your toes? Try Hue Thong Wrapz, $6 per pack, or for regular strappy sandals, try their Soft Stripz, $6, for amazing protection. Plus, they are reusable!

Foot Petals’ Heavenly Heelz pads, $7, will keep your heels from slipping out of shoes. Or keep your feet in place with their Tip Toes pads, $7 to cushion the balls of your feet.

If you’re a fan of prevention, try Band-Aid’s Blister Block Stick, $7. Apply liberally to your foot to create less friction and help prevent blisters!

Tried-and-true Dr. Scholl’s moleskin, $4, can be cut to any size you wish — put it on your feet or your shoes for extra padding.