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Costume or Fashion? Lindsay Lohan Goes 80's, Again!

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Lindsay really does love the 80’s! As if her Motley Crue t-shirts and Axl Rose-style head scarves weren’t enough, she went out Saturday for a night on the town in L.A. dressed in her best head-to-toe spandex and leg-warmers. While we would have paired the look with sneakers, not glittering high heeleed sandals, we do give Lindsay kudos for coming remarkably close to Olivia Newton-John at her Physical finest (the pink sweatband as garter is genius). We know that this is most likely an early Halloween costume, but with Lindsay and her love of the Me Decade (she’s even been wearing stirrup pants!), you can never be too sure. Tell us: are you ready to bring the 80’s back like Lindsay? Or is it better left as a costume?

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Photo: AlphaX/X 17