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Costume Designers' Dream Emmy Gowns for TV Characters

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Four Emmy-nominated costume designers whipped up Emmy looks for their lead characters — just in case they could step through the tube and hit the red carpet. Don’t miss all the Emmys coverage on on Sunday night!

courtesy of Jackie Wazir

Costume Designer: Cate Adair (sketch by Jackie Wazir)
Desperate Housewives
Character: Bree Van De Kamp
What would Marica Cross’ character, Bree, wear on the Emmy red carpet? Something bold and beautiful! “I love Bree with her red hair in pink and green. Those two shades in Duchesse satin would be fabulous,” says Adair, a three-time nominee. Marcia’s style is “completely different” from her alter ego’s, but both know how to show off a baby bump. (Even if the scheming Bree’s is fake.) Adair’s advice for expectant Emmy-goers? “Be proud to be pregnant. Be regal. Be elegant.”

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Courtesy of April Ferry

Costume Designer: April Ferry
Character: Atia of the Julii
Using an actual dress created for Polly Walker’s character Atia, the lead costumer created a “Hollywoodized version” for the sketch. “It’s a very sexy dress as Atia is a very sexy woman.” The 2006 Emmy-winner envisioned the dress made out of silk trimmed with bugle beads, perfect for a hint Roman empire style.

Courtesy of Mario Davignon

Costume Designer:Mario Davignon
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
Character: Elaine Goodale
With a muse like actress Anna Paquin, Davignon didn’t have a tough time creating the perfect gown, which infuses elements of the Native-American culture with couture design. “First I wanted to highlight Anna’s body,” says Davignon. “She is a simple but strong personality, and so is the dress in its simplicity of the line and strength of the solid burgundy color.” Honored by his Emmy nomination, Davignon is getting some much needed sleep after single-handedly designing and creating costumes for the 25-person cast.

courtesy of Andrea Galer

Costume Designer: Andrea Galer (winner of this year’s Emmy for best costume design)
Jane Eyre
Character: Jane Eyre
The two-time Emmy award winner, Andrea Galer, sketched a dress for noted lead Jane Eyre, played by Ruth Wilson, infused with lace, bias cuts, and a deep blood red. “It is central that I link my film work to the present day,” says Galer, who specializes in 19th century costuming. “My work leads you to consider the aims of the writer, Charlotte Bronte, and her passion for Jane Eyre.” Making room for another golden statue, Galer is “delighted to have picked up this award. I am proud.”