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May 11, 2017 11:56 AM


Many contestants come and go in the world of The Bachelor, but there has only been one Corinne Olympios. The Miami native may not be the upcoming Bachelorette (that honor goes to her pal, attorney Rachel Lindsey), but Corinne went from the villain on Nick Viall‘s season of the show to the breakout star. She even dropped a clothing line with Riot Society called Team Corn, with shirts emblazoned with some of her most famous “Corinne-isms” from the show (think “I Need a Raquel” and “OK, but first, cheese pasta”). Corinne dropped by PEOPLE HQ to talk about the line, but we couldn’t resist asking the outspoken reality star about her shopping and beauty secrets — and playing a hard-hitting game of Would You Rather. And of course, we had to see if she would be returning for summer’s Bachelor in Paradise, because we have a feeling Raquel and Jorge the bartender would become fast friends. Watch the full Facebook live above, and catch the highlights here:

• She’s a bikini lover, and says she brought “probably 45” with her while filming The Bachelor.

• When informed that Nick told PeopleStyle that she had the best style on his season, Corinne was grateful for the compliment and agreed, “I do have really good style though.”

• She’s still friends with most of the women from her season, “aside from Taylor” (which should come as no surprise if you saw last season).

• The Big Question: Will Corinne find love on Bachelor in Paradise? “Probably, but I don’t know yet… but actually, no. I actually, I wouldn’t. No, no.” If you’re confused, you’re not alone. But she went on to clarify that she may appear on the show, but “whether I date on the show is very questionable.”

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• She may be known for her long blonde hair, but she’s thinking about cutting it into a “new, snazzy look” for fall. She’s keeping the blonde for good though!

• She admits she once had a $41,000 credit card bill from just 15 days, but she’s learned her lesson — and channeled some of that energy into baking. “When I’m stressed out I try to not go to the mall, and go to the kitchen.” Her specialty? Raspberry cheesecake.

• That said, Corinne says she shops pretty much every day (window shopping, perhaps?), and her favorite stores include Marshall’s, Kardashian-owned Dash, as well as another KarJenner favorite, House of CB. She goes on to say she looks to the sisters as style inspirations, pointing to Kim and Kylie specifically.

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• In addition to the clothing line, look for her choker collection in mid-July, which she says will be affordable, charitable and fashion-blogger friendly.

• Her beauty essentials include Too Faced makeup, plus Givenchy foundation and a BeautyBlender, while her fashion must-haves are a white tee, skinny jeans and “outrageous” heels, because “you can literally wear just jeans and a T-shirt, and have amazing shoes on, and your outfit’s set.”

Have you picked up one of Corinne’s shirts yet? Do you want to see her on Bachelor in Paradise?

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