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Confessions of a Celeb Stylist: Leslie Fremar Shares Exactly How to Make Your Wardrobe Summer-Perfect (Stress Free!)

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Leslie Fremar is Hollywood’s top stylist (literally — The Hollywood Reporter just said so!) with clients from Julianne Moore to Reese Witherspoon. And now she’s bringing her considerable talents to our site to share behind-the-scenes scoop, styling tips and much more. This week, she shares how to change over your wardrobe from winter to summer like a celeb — without spending a fortune or stressing out. Read on, and shop her top picks for the season below.

After what felt like the longest winter of all time, I still cannot believe summer is here. Even though I am so ready for the heat, I am still holding on to my winter clothes and just can’t seem to let go.

I don’t know about the rest of the country, but in N.Y.C., it feels like it goes straight from winter to summer. Spring and fall have disappeared overnight and it confuses my body — and my closet. So how do we make this transition from winter heavy clothes, coats and boots to summer dresses, sandals and bathing suits? I am going to try and break it down to help those that feel just as caught off-guard as I do.

First, move all of your heavy coats, sweaters and boots to the back of your closet. If you are lucky enough to have storage room, get them out altogether! Out of sight, out of mind. So even if it is your favorite shoe or boot, remove it and you will be happy to see it again in September. This is a great way to appreciate your clothes so when you “find” it again you will feel like you just went shopping. We all love that feeling.

Keep all the things that work year round. For example, your t-shirts, jeans, leggings, cardigan and accessories. Maybe your favorite undershirt will become your key piece, and that black cardigan can act as a light jacket on a cool summer night.

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Now that your winter clothes are organized, dig out your dresses, shoes and everything else from last summer and start trying them on. Yes: Take an hour to yourself and try them all on! This will eliminate filling your closet with things you would never wear, or (let’s be honest) after a long winter, do not fit. If it doesn’t fit, keep it nearby; summer can motivate you to get fit. Sometimes seeing that your fave dress from last summer doesn’t fit can be motivation enough!

Now that you have a handle on what you have and what may be missing, you can do a little shopping. I tend to save my money for winter clothes because they can be more expensive and the timing seems endless, so for summer, all you need is a few fresh dresses, maybe a new pair of sandals, and sunglasses.

Summer dresses, sandals, sunglasses! Jeans you have, t-shirts you have, cardigans for night I’m sure you have, even your handbag can transition, but one or two new dresses that you love can really go a long way. And sunglasses — who doesn’t feel great and ready for summer with a new pair of shades?

So now that summer is here and your closet is ready, we all need to go have some much needed fun!

Leslie Fremar
Paul Maffi

Hollywood’s top stylist Leslie Fremar does all the legwork for you — so all you have to do is click to stock your closet with her perfect picks. Above, clockwise from left: Girl. by Band of Outsiders jumpsuit, $363 on sale; Illesteva “Totokaelo” sunglasses, $260; Rachel Comey “Wren” dress, $360 on sale; Ancient Greek sandals, $209.44.