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Christie Brinkley's Supermodel Advice Is Invaluable (Just Ask Ashley Graham) - See Her Sweet and Sexy New Ads!

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We thought there might not be any circumstances under which we would call trying on jeans “fun,” but this ad campaign might have proved us wrong.

NYDJ ad campaign 2016
Courtesy NYDJ

Denim brand NYDJ expanded its model roster, tapping models Christie Brinkley, Ashley Graham and Lana Ogilvie to join its current brand ambassador, Blue Bloods actress Bridget Moynahan, for its 2016 “Fit to Be” ad campaign. And all four women jamming out to hits by Beyoncé and Rihanna on set (see the video, below) is what may have convinced us that there is fun to be had in a fitting room.

“The shoot was a giant party! Once we all got through the work, it was fun from then on,” Moynahan tells PeopleStyle. “I was just sad when it ended!”

Graham, whom you likely know from her swimwear and lingerie modeling, says modeling jeans was a nice change of pace.

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“It was a blast — it was definitely something different and fun to do,” she says. “[I’m] a swimsuit model, but I know the importance of a great jean and I want every woman to know that she can look great in her jeans.”

NYDJ ad campaign 2016
Courtesy NYDJ

And because looking great in jeans is so important, she recommends that fellow plus women go the extra step of using a tailor for a custom fit and shopping in person to find the right sizes in different brands — even going down a size to make sure your body is shown off to best effect. “You don’t know exactly what you’re getting in a style when you shop online, so I always stick with brands that I know and love.” (Her fave? “High-rise with a little bit of spandex!”)

And working alongside industry legends, like Brinkley, to bring body positivity to women, wasn’t so bad either, says Graham.

“It was so exciting to work with [Brinkley],” she told PeopleStyle. “After working with her, I had a fan-girl moment when she asked me if I could talk to her daughter, Sailor, on the phone. Sailor is a big fan of mine and we were all geeking out together. [Brinkley] also told me on set I should be a movie star.” (Brinkley also told us that she and Graham dueted on a few of those aforementioned jams, giving us retroactive FOMO.)

In fact, Brinkley, who has been in the industry for 40-plus years, says that even for a pro, modeling denim presents its difficulties. “It’s definitely tricky trying to show your butt and face at the same time, all while looking good — that’s very challenging!”

NYDJ ad campaign 2016
Courtesy NYDJ

But despite that particular issue, everything else went off without a hitch for the supermodel, though that might have something to do with her super-positive attitude: “Every photo shoot is so different! A different group of people with different energy and style. It’s one of the things I love most about my job; every job is different from the one before it. I am always working with great people.”

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And the veteran supermodel had some excellent advice that she picked up early in her career (and that the relative newbies around her in the NYDJ ads can take home with them): “Be professional, arrive on time and never complain,” Brinkley tells PeopleStyle. “Most importantly, always know how lucky you are and have a good time. We’re not doing brain surgery here. So, come with a good attitude, make it fun for everyone around you and then go home … and do brain surgery.” And there you have it.

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–Sarah Kinonen