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Check Out the Most Unique Celeb Engagement Ring We've Ever Seen

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Veronica Summers/Splash News Online; Courtesy Erin Hasan

Erin Hasan’s engagement ring included everything she ever wanted — but looked like something she never could have imagined.

“I didn’t expect it to be quite so elaborate,” the Aussie actress tells PEOPLE of the sparkler, designed by her fiancé, Spartacus star Liam McIntyre. “He put everything he thinks makes me up into the ring.”

“Everything” includes 150 diamonds (two pink), some found in two 8s on each side of the ring (a nod to her debut album of the same name), some seen in two music notes, one in a wand on the underside of the ring (recognizing her work as Glinda in Wicked) and of course, the center stone, which is also surrounded by diamonds.

McIntyre worked with a local jeweler in Auckland, New Zealand, to create the ring, which he presented to Hasan when he proposed in Disney World earlier this month.

According to Hasan, McIntyre kept the ring hidden from her for almost a year. “He was mainly organizing it while he was on the set of Spartacus,” she says. “We live together, so it was the only time he could hide what he was doing. He’d be getting ready for the show each morning, designing my ring.”

Since the proposal, the couple has been on a whirlwind trip through the United States, Europe and now Thailand — so Hasan hasn’t yet had the chance to start planning, have an engagement party or even show her family the ring (though “there’s been a lot of excited screaming on the phone,” she says).

But aside from dress shopping (“It’ll probably be very princessy in some shape or form,” she says) and date setting (late 2013 or early 2014), once planning begins, Hasan will be tasked with finding a wedding band that complements her ring.

“I don’t know if I can have a wedding band,” she says. “We’ll look for one that maybe curves around the ring, but it might be difficult. Or maybe I’ll get a really pretty one and wear it around my neck — we’ll see. But I don’t want it to be too over-the-top, since my ring is so beautiful as a standalone piece.” Tell us: What do you think of Hasan’s elaborate engagement ring? 

–Kate Hogan