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Céline Dion's Signature Is a Tribute to Her Fans

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Courtesy Coty; Inset: Kevork Djansezian/Getty

Growing up, Céline Dion‘s family didn’t have enough money to buy perfumes.

“My mom might use rosewater here and there, and she would cook a lot, so I remember the smell of bread,” the singer recalls to PEOPLE. “I used to carry her nightgown with me everywhere, because it had her scent … I didn’t want to wash it. It was loving, comforting … I guess you call it home. And you can’t buy that.”

So while she didn’t play with perfume bottles as a child, having such a strong connection to scents played a major role in the creation of her 15 fragrances, the newest of which, Céline Dion Signature, is on shelves now. “I can’t believe that I have 15 perfumes,” she says. “I feel like I’m 15 years old.”

Dion says she tries to show a different part of her personality each time she launches a scent; and this one in particular is dedicated to the fans. “They’ve been such amazing supporters through the years,” she says. “I’ve been sharing so much with them … they know so much about me. The fans are making it work for me, so I hope they enjoy this one.”

The fragrance contains notes of mimosa blossom, pink lady apple, rose essence, amberwood and more. “It’s a very feminine scent,” Dion says. “It’s sophisticated, light … it’s not something that leads the way, but it leaves a lasting impression. You can wear it daytime or nighttime.”

And the singer is sure to test every note herself, relying on a panel of professionals to blend the perfect custom scent. “I love the creativity of it all,” she says. “We get 10 people around a table, everyone sprays [scents] onto their wrists. You say, ‘The alcohol is strong on her,’ or ‘I can barely notice this on her.’ It’s fun, it’s like going shopping for different scents.”

However, Dion keeps her creative process in perspective, too. “We make it fun. We know we’re talking about perfume, not about a decision that will change the world,” she jokes. “But it’s very exciting making your own perfume.”

–Kate Hogan