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Cate Blanchett Mucks It Up in Roger Vivier Boots

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Courtesy Roger Vivier

Forget about boots made for walking—these were made for intense trampling, mud-stomping and sword fighting. For Cate Blanchett‘s latest role as the feisty Maid Marion in the latest adaptation of the new action flick Robin Hood, the actress specifically requested Bruno Frisoni—artistic director of French luxury good house Roger Vivier—to custom-create one-of-a-kind boots. “I knew his design would be striking, but what arrived surpassed my expectations. The boots where sleek, sexy and helped give Marion that contemporary edge that Janty and I were searching for,” Blanchett says in a release. “I didn’t want to take them off. I was slightly freaked out by the amount of mud that I had to wade through as I didn’t want to get these gorgeous boots dirty.” The excitement was mutual for Frisoni, who says he began sketching the boots while still on the phone with the actress. “I admire her modernity, which is fragile and strong at the same time,” he says. “I wanted to create some boots that were both feminine and masculine. Sexy seduction on a horse!” To watch Blanchett work the thigh-high boots in the action movie co-starring Russell Crowe, head to theaters nationwide on May 14 when Robin Hood debuts. —David Yi

Courtesy Roger Vivier