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October 23, 2012 09:00 PM

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We’ve had lots of fun hearing about Carrie Ann Inaba‘s stunning Dancing with the Stars ensembles, and today, the judge gives us the exclusive details on what she wore Monday night — and that now-famous fall!

I’m still laughing at myself about last night’s show … or I should say specifically, about when I fell off my chair during last night’s show. Deep down, I think I may be the fourth Stooge. In my mind, there’s Larry, Moe, Curly and Carrie. I’m quite the klutz in real life. Most dancers are. It was bound to happen … and it did last night, right after I yelled out, “Let the baby making begin!,” which somehow makes it even funnier to me!

But, it’s not the way you fall — which was kind of in slow motion, as I recall — it’s what you’re wearing when you fall that matters when you write for StyleWatch on People.com. So, let’s get on with it.

(But if you want to watch me fall, check out the clip below. Enjoy it. I’ve been laughing with my stiff neck all morning.)

Last night, I wore a black-and-green sequined reptilian Favianna dress. It’s been one of my favorites and my stylist Kit and I have been pulling it out each week as an option. But you have to be in a very special mood to wear such a unique and edgy dress. This dress will now be seen by many many many people thanks to my graceful dancer self. I hope they like it.

To match, I wore my own personal Brian Atwood green suede and metallic platform heels. (I always wear platform heels because they are so much more comfortable to walk in.) Since the dress had such a strong presence with hard lines, Kit chose some really cool natural elements for the jewelry. Mixed in with the bling, we had some leather and pearls that she found at Maxfield Los Angeles. The three-finger ring was my favorite, made with yellow and white gold, and the black pearl leather cuff was very unique and could be worn casually as well. Both were courtesy of Spinelli Kilcollin.

For the beauty side of things, I give Anna Maria (my hair stylist) a good old two snaps up for my hair not falling when my body did. Last night we did a teased half updo with a fun gold-and-black striped extension. We straightened all the hair that was down, but slightly curled and put some wax on the tips of hair that was swept up. Valerie (my makeup artist) did a smoky eye with green accents and a rose cheek with a peach lip. It was a pretty Make Up For Ever color that we use so much I couldn’t read the label.

Last night was a first for many reasons, not only because I fell but also because we pre-taped Tuesday’s competition show as well. That’s the first time in the history of Dancing with the Stars that we pre-taped a competition show. But the presidential debates were on Monday night, so we had to accommodate the schedule.

Stay tuned for tonight’s look; it’s a one-of-a-kind champagne gown by Theia that I’ve been waiting to wear since the Emmys. It’s that fabulous. You might want to tune it to see if I now have a seatbelt on my seat as well.

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–Carrie Ann Inaba


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