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Can You Top This Dress on the Ugly-o-Meter?

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Over at our Ugly Bridesmaid Dress blog, we’re seeing a lot of evidence that brides might actually hate their bridesmaids. Take this dress for example: We’re not quite sure if it’s made out of tin foil, a helium balloon or a Jiffy Pop bag, as one commenter noted. Even bridesmaid Kristi, who was forced into the dress for a wedding, had no idea what type of fabric she was wearing: “The tag actually says, ‘40% nylon, 60% metallica!'” Well, one thing is for sure — this dress is U-G-L-Y! But can you top this dress? If you have a tacky, wacky bridesmaid dress hanging in your closet, we want to see it! Submit a picture of your ugly bridesmaid gown and you could appear on!