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Can We Talk About Last Night's Project Runway?

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In episode three, the designers were told they would be dressing America’s “favorite accessory.” For those of us who look at pictures of celebrities all day, we immediately knew what they were talking about: small dogs! Well, six legs were apparently too many for Katherine to handle; she was voted off. While Uli won for her beautiful-yet-beastly socialite outfit (left).  PR fans: Tell us what you think of last night’s episode after the jump. (For a full rundown on the event’s of the night, read PR Alum Nick Verreos weekly dish).

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Photo: Barbara Nitke /Brava

Allison says:
I am writing this just after watching. one question: how will I ever get to sleep now? Am obsessed with knowing WHO did WHAT to get kicked off. Dressed dogs, undressed dogs, unfinished outfits, unraveling hems… it’s all a blur, I don’t care. ! must know what happens next. Why doesn’t my TIVO fast-forward into the future like that Adam Sandler movie I didn’t care to see? My obsession know no bounds, it has spread even to my Old-Navy-shopping husband, who has just bet me that Angela is the culprit. I disagree. I think it could be Keith, I fear it could be Kayne, I hope a little that it isn’t Vincent, who would only break the rules inadvertently, because he is a space cadet from mars and unfamiliar with our ways.

Serena says:
Angela is an irritant of the first order. Did she not think that it showed a lack of creativity to design an outfit that was nearly identical to the one she wore for the runway show? But even more annoying than Angela was Keith — he needed an even bigger tongue-lashing than the one Nina Garcia gave him. For some reason he thought the rules of the challenge simply didn’t apply to him and his lying about trying out four different versions of an outfit for the dog was so transparent. I nearly jumped for joy when Ivanka Trump (a nice addition to the judging squad) said she didn’t believe him and wanted to review the tapes herself to see if he was telling the truth. What drama will happen next???

Melissa says:
I will restrain myself from making a joke about fashion finally going to the dogs, but just barely. As a proud-bordering-on-obsessive pug owner, I could not be more psyched that the pug, by way of Uli, won! The dress, while not my style, was really adorable (reminds me of something you’d see in Intermix) but the “Hi Ladies” on the giraffe dog coat was making me hyperventilate with happiness. What is not cute? Keith’s attitude. Get over yourself. If the assignment is to dress a dog, dress the damn dog and stop behaving as if you are better than everyone else. And even if Katherine’s dress was a tad on the boring side, at least she didn’t make her model look like a intergalactic hooker like Angela (whose attitude has not improved since last week). Heidi, I am begging you. Auf Angela!

As for next week’s scandal, could it be
“target=_blank”>copycat Keith?

Anne Marie says:
Okay, why am I the only one who liked Katherine’s outfit? Am I just a sucker for all things lime and olive green? While I’m not nearly as obsessed about next week’s episode as my PR-minded pals, I will say two things:

1. Angela’s such an obvious choice for a colossal rule-breaking screw-up that I actually think it IS her.

2. No spoiler here, but you better get used to insomnia, since the VP of Bravo programming said there were at 4 or 5 equally out-of-left-field twists–not even counting next week’s–during the rest of the season.

That said, am I also the only one who thought Bradley’s last-second number was puketastic, not pouftastic? (Even after rooting for the beyond-adorable Daniel V. last season, I never wrapped my brain around his “orchid” dress)…

Clarissa says:
Note to Angela: If you are old enough to remember the trend the first time around, you are probably too old to wear it when it comes back. Hello, pouf skirts!! Not only have you worn one in every episode (and we’re only at episode 3!), you put a horrendous metallic one on your poor model, making her look like a hooker at an 80s prom. Anyway, forget the fact that you should have been kicked off in episode 2…if you wear a pouf skirt one more time—accessorized with what look suspiciously like Doc Marten’s, no less–I will throw my Kajagoogoo CD at the TV.

Anne Marie says:
Word. We need to come up with a nickname for Angela, like Devila or Demonica. Or perhaps something more to the point, like Poufnstuff or the One-Note Blunder.

One thing that keeps bothering me: great designers who are awful dressers. Michael Kors jacket and t-shirt numbers are yawnfests, but even worse, what is up with Vera Wang’s hair? And the limp striped jacket she tossed on looked straight out of a near-sighted, septuagenarian biddy’s closet.

And finally: Anyone know where Heidi got her plaid short-sleeve blouse with the high neck and ribbon tie? LOVED it.

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