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Can We Talk About Last Night's Project Runway?

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Last night’s episode eight of Project Runway gave the contestants the assignment of creating an outfit for an hip, international jet-setter- with the twist of them being the jetsetters! Kayne and Angela immediatelystruggled with the concept- Kayne equating jetsetters with Tara Reid and “Taradise” and Angela being from a rural farm in Ohio. Angela and Jeffrey  continued fighting over the last challenge, and Vincent decided to go pantless in the work room. After modeling their own garments, they were sent on a surprise trip to Paris. Guest judge Catherine Malandrino crowned Jeffrey’s rock-star ensemble the winner, and gave wide-eyed Angela the heave-ho. Click through to the next page to read more and leave a comment.

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Photo: Barbara Nitke/bravo

Melissa says:
Why was there so much nudity?? Vincent without pants? Kayne without a shirt? Cover it up, guys! Jeffrey is just being as nasty as possible (although the “macaroni-gluer” zinger was totally hilarious. Admit it. You laughed too.) Michael continues to be amazingly talented, and Kayne continues to be tacky yet totally loveable. Got to give props to Laura- besides Heidi, what pregnant woman can teeter around in 4 inch heels through an airport? Can’t say that I am sorry to see Angela and those damn rosettes go. I hate to say it, but I thought Jeffrey’s was by far the best- he made that on $75 bucks? Damn, boy. And next week, more Paris! I’m putting down my prediction for the top three now: Michael (obviously), Jeffrey, and Laura.

Clarissa says:
Totally agree with you on that one, Melissa: The sight of Kanyne’s man boobs and the thought of Vincent’s boys hanging free was way TMI. Otherwise, the challenge itself was a little blah…after sitting through the mom/sister models last week and then the contestants themselves lurching down the runway this week, I’m ready to let the professional catwalkers get back to doing their thing. Go Nazri!!

Serena says:
Okay, so Angela has been admittedly annoying for much of the show but I felt truly bad for her with Jeffrey  bashing her mom — which he continued to do this episode. Uh, Jeffrey, get over it, dude! Stop the sadist act. And how about Angela jetting all the way to Paris only for her to turn right around with her rosettes between her legs. That was just cruel.

As for the fashions — even though Jeffrey is on my crap list for his putrid attitude, I’ve got to say he pulled off an impressive outfit. It looked a heck of a lot more expensive than $75 (loved the faux leather jacket). And Laura — stunning, chic dress, looked beautiful on her and she worked those heels. Michael, keep those tight ensembles coming — you’re on your way to the Final 3 for sure.

And can’t wait for more Paris hijinx. Fingers crossed that Tim rocks a beret!

Anne Marie says:
In honor of the U.S. Open, here’s a McEnroe-ism: You can’t be serious! Guys going shirtless or standing in to-the-knee boxers hardly constitutes nudity. I’m half-expecting one of you to bust out with “There’s entirely too much tootie being exposed,” school marm Anne Slowey-style. (Or maybe this is the years of covering sports in locker rooms and averting my eyes talking.) Anyway, I can’t be the only one who was hoping Vincent would finally embrace his Austin Powers’ even dorkier older brother alter ego and make a velvet leisure suit with ruffled tuxedo shirt, right? Also, I literally yelled, “Yay!” when Jeffrey won—by my lights, he had the recyclable project nailed, and I gave he and Allison the edge in the INC challenge—and clapped triumphantly at the TV when Angela got the big black clunky knee-high boot. I couldn’t stomach her excuse that she lives on a farm in Ohio so she couldn’t conjure up a jetsetter look. You’re trying to break into high fashion, for organic turnips’ sake!

Angela says:
Am I the only amazed at how much the judges dissed Uli? I thought her dress was stunning, the way it flowed down the runway.  What about Laura? Till now she’s been making the same deep-V dress week after week! And some how the Judges love her.  Uli’s dress was lovely, and I bet that Catharine M. thought so too. Last week her Mom-outfit was the most flattering by far. I don’t care what the outcome of this show is… She is the one designer that I would actually buy from. Uli — if you’re reading this get that e-commerce site up and running! Kara Janx, look out!

Allison says:
Dive under your desks, I’m about to name-drop: When Anne Marie and I had lunch with Tim Gunn (yes, we did) I asked him why Runway never leaves NY for Paris or elsewhere, as Top Model has always done. His answer was basically, “$$$.” 

Glad to see the Bravo folks have upped the budget to get out of the Parsons workroom, even if only to fly 9 hours to  . . . another Parsons workroom.  Loved when Tim appeared on the plane. Now lunch isn’t enough: I wish to kibbitz with him over the in-flight TV selections in first class over the Atlantic.

Also loved: Laura’s dress, and can’t believe she and her pregnant ankles flew in 4″ heels. (Did you know she was 6′ tall? I learned this working on the PR story that appears in this week’s People) [LINK]

Loved that Vincent and his wrinkle-free monochrome still in (Yes, Pinenut, we agree that you are the twist.) Loved that Kayne is still in, though I believe he should burn that outfit, if it doesn’t combust on the flight home. (THAT was allowed on, and I can’t bring some freakin’ Purell???)

Fine, hasta la vista, Senorita Rosetta.

Annemarie says:
But going back to what Angela the Good said: Which designers would you actually buy from? For Season 1, it was hands-down Kara Saun. Season 2, Santino (I’m a sucker for McQueen) or Chloe (my Asian sister), though I’d consider Nick, Kara or Andrae. Season 3? Keith (honest to god, his tailoring was impeccable, and I don’t mind if my designer’s a lying cheating sob), Jeffrey or Kayne, as long as he’s concocting one of his fabulous gowns (loved the Marilyn and the Miss USA). What about y’all?

Cara says:
I agree totally. I thought Uli’s dress definitely met the challenge — make a dress for you, the jetsetter. Well, Uli is a jetsetter, and when she travels she goes to places where her dress was appropriate. I also loved Michael’s outfit. Is it just me, or did he look like Kanye West with those glasses on? Jeffrey’s rock star look definitely deserved to win, though. Tonight is the MTV Video Music Awards and he looks like he could easily fit in with the crowd, schmoozing with the stars. (Although, in his full get up,he looked like Dana Carvey when Dana would do his impression of Keith Richards on SNL.) But I digress… The main thing about last night’s episode that thrilled me was Angela. Is. Finally. Gone. YAY!! Once her rosette
affliction spread to her butt, there was no way the judges could keep her. Nevermind that the fabric was the worst-possible choice. Nevermind that shirt barely fit and her bra kept popping out. It was just the ugliest thing I’ve seen in ages.

Andrea says:
Jeffrey needed to get over last week! It was so annoying! While I am not an Angela fan at all, I did feel bad or her. Here she was trying to work and all he kept doing was making her uncomfortable, with that said it was still no excuse for what she produced. Those rosettes were awful! And where was she jet-setting to? I felt bad she got all the way to Paris to leave, but I knew it was coming. It was all in Michael Kors’ face on the runway. I did love Uli’s dress. It was so her and looked so comfortable, I would definitely wear it on a vacation to somewhere warm- maybe not Paris. Michael is just amazing and Jeffery really surprised me. Even though he is evil, he really did an awesome job. It had the potential to lean towards Kayne’s tackiness, but he pulled it off. I liked Laura’s dress, but I doubt I would ever travel in that. And Robert needed some creativity- so boring. Can’t wait to see them all working in Paris, but who is Jeffrey going to fight with now?