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Can We Talk About Last Night's Project Runway?

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Last night’s episode five of Project Runway gave the designers an entertaining challenge: to create a modern look for a fashion icon, among them: Cher, Madonna, Audrey Hepburn — all our favorites! This provided a few of the contestants with a chance to really strut their stuff, with high praise from the judges being passed towards previous winners Angela and Kayne. But it was Michael who wowed everyone with his modern Pam Grier in fuchsia hot pants (left) and won the challenge. Meanwhile, Vincent and Robert barely scraped by, while Bradley and his poorly constructed Cher ensemble were voted out.

What did you think of last night’s show? Click through to the next page read our comments and join in the conversation!

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Photo: Barbara Nitke/Bravo

Angela M. says:
Yeah Michael! I knew that boy had talent and it was so nice to see his Pam Grier win! it was hot hot hot… Couldn’t you see someone (Beyonce?) turning up in a number like that at the VMAs? Angela’s Audrey dress was classy, but I’m still skeptical of her abilities. My favorite moment of the evening was Diane von Furstenberg telling Vincent “Twiggy is still still alive.” When I was watching him feebly explaining his look to her, I was thinking, she’s probably friends with Twiggy! or at least partied with her at studio 54. What a perfect guest judge for this challenge. Poor Bradley, but I think he’s relieved. He looked like he was thinking “Get me out of here!”

Alison says:
Doesn’t know Cher? Doesn’t know Cher? Thank God for Tivo, because I had to play that back. They should take Bradley’s license away. Even Pinenut got closer to Twiggy’s look than Bradley came to Cher. If he could turn back time, if he could find a way. . .

Also pressing on me: Can we talk about Zayra’s outfit last night on Rockstar? Maybe Bradley could have taken a lesson from her. Yow-za.

Further to this: My husband, who thinks the Victoria’s Secret catalog qualifies as a fashion magazine, had to leave the room when they cut Bradley. I’ve tried to impress on him the importance of not getting too attached to the designers.

His only comment: “I never thought I’d say this but, I miss Santino.”

Melissa says:
Quote of the week: “The crotch of those pants is insane.”– Michael Kors. I love him. Just love him.

I am just obscenely excited that Michael finally won! I always had faith in him, and you have to love a momma’s boy. But why am I still looking at Vincent’s chest hair? Why is he still there? Honestly. He needs to go next. Bradley is a space cadet — my dog would have had more Cher references to work with than him. White fringe? Metallic crop tops? Wow-za. And if Angela shows her “fleurchons” one more time, I am going to reach through my tv and throttle her. Enough!! Now, I just want to know what crosses the line of taste in next week’s episode! Any ideas?

Serena says:
It’s Captain Save-A-Ho to the rescue! As annoying as Angela has been, Michael showed what a stand-up guy he was to stand up to Jeffrey, who was just being a brat. And was a worldwide “awww” heard when Michael got pumped up from talking to his mom?? Pam Grier would be proud of Michael’s fuchsia hot-pant ensemble — you could just see her kicking butt in it — boom, pow, take that, sucka!

As for the rest of the designers, Kayne’s leather-accented Marilyn Monroe dress was gorgeous and even Angela impressed, though what is up with her rosette fixation?? And Bradley looked befuddled during the challenge (how could he be a designer and not be familiar with Cher’s many incarnations???) and left the show just as zoned out as he started. It seemed like he kind of wandered onto Project Runway and was scratching his head the entire time and thinking, “How the heck did I get here??”

Clarissa says:
Bradley had no idea who Cher was because he was probably too busy changing his bong water when her songs came on the radio. Anyway, I am just thrilled that the Michaels got their share of screen time this episode. First, Designer Michael, whose hot pink ensemble totally rocked; and Judge Michael, who–as much as I love Vera Wang–is a much better whiner and index card fanner than she is. Finally, about Angela’s dress: Stop. With. The. Hein. Flowers!!!!

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