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Can We Talk About Last Night's Project Runway?

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In episode two of Project Runway, the contestants were asked to design a pageant gown for Miss USA, Tara Conner. Kayne, who seems to have been raised by beauty queens, won the challenge, while the debonaire Malan (left) was voted out. (For the complete blow-by-blow, check out Nick Verreos’ weekly dish on the show.) What did you think of the episode? Project Runway devotees, please weigh in. Click through to the next page to read more and leave your own comment.

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Photo: Courtesy Bravo

Angela says:
I can’t believe how badly I felt for Malan last night. When I saw him during the audition episode, I was sure he’d be someone who they’d keep around to stir up things up (surely that’s why Vincent is still there, right?). With his weird accent and haughty demeanor, I never thought I’d feel sorry for him. But last night he came across as humble and sincere: that line about his mom not approving of his drawing as a kid and the tug-at-your-heartstrings exit thoughts about not having friends — it’s so sad! Meanwhile, Angela was just so despicable throughout the whole episode. Can we have a do-over, please? Bring Malan back!

Clarissa says:
Oh come on. Malan’s childhood drama story was as calculated as his Brit-lite accent (and by the way, what was up with him saying he was “born in Tokyo” when someone asked him where he was from? I, for one, want to know how long he actually lived there). But yes, I agree that he should have stayed on instead of the Wendy-Pepper-esque Angela. As for Vincent: Let your freak flag fly, dude! He’s obviously a bit nutso, but I kinda liked his dress. And it was brilliant that he wore his shirt unbuttoned throughout most of the episode like some bizarre spawn of Rick Moranis and John Travolta, circa Kotter.

Anne Marie says:
Yeah, clearly Kayne is able — and I don’t mind pulling for a frontrunner either. And the Malan thing? Didn’t need a tissue, though I cry during commercials, but it was definitely awkward. And it’s bad feng shui to pair a histrionic (Vince + his jetson cap sleeves) w/a whiny, no talent snake (Angela). Though I was mostly distracted by Miss USA’s prefab but undeniable beauty.

Allison says:
I had two jaw-drop moments last night. The first was tattooed circus freak Sebelia’s use of the Rush Limbaugh term “feminazi.” The second was seeing them cut Malan. Having seen the judges coddle Santino through season 2 after failing challenge after challenge (lederhosen bikini, anyone?), Heidi has finally learned to kill her darlings. Sorry to see Malan go. On the other hand, anyone who feels he has “finally found a home” on a reality competition has way bigger issues than too much ruching.