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Cameron Diaz Gets a Wacky Hair Makeover - Courtesy of a Windy Yacht Trip

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Splash News Online, INF

When Cameron Diaz boarded a yacht in Monte Carlo, Monaco for a Tag Heuer party this weekend, she was the image of polished perfection. In a streamlined Roland Mouret sheath, simple sandals and a voluminous pony, she seemed to have the breezy boat look down to a science.

But a few hours later, Diaz proved that even the most genetically (and follicularly) blessed among us can fall victim to bad weather, posing for photos with a, ahem, slightly more hair-raising do.

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Despite what looked like a healthy coating of gel and hairspray to keep her wispy layers in line with the rest of her ponytail, hair products were apparently no match for salty sea air and wind on the yacht’s deck.

Moral of the story: If you often find yourself on yachts, make sure you pack travel hairspray and a mini comb in your clutch and put a friend on hair patrol. This Doc Brown-esque photo op could have been avoided if Leonardo DiCaprio hadn’t neglected his duties as Diaz’s pal.

Tell us: What’s your worst hair disaster? How do you avoid moments like this?

–Alex Apatoff