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Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet Dish on Skinny Jeans, Botox and More

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In the January issue of Harper’s Bazaar, co-stars and friends Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet open up to their Holiday director Nancy Meyers on everything from their favorite undies (Cameron loves Hanky Panky) to whether they’d go under the knife. Sounds like the stars wouldn’t mind switching closets — the ever-elegant Kate wishes she could pull off “skinny jeans,” while self-described “tomboy” Cameron wants to be “a gown-wearing kind of gal. I know that people love to see their celebrities in gowns at red-carpet events, and I really want to be able to do it. But I just get so self-conscious when I wear a flowy gown.” Luckily, her favorite jeans are from William Rast , co-designed by boyfriend Justin Timberlake, so at least she doesn’t have to worry about getting another pair! On the subject of aging not-too-gracefully, Kate says “It is hard for me to talk about Botox with out getting angry,” while Cameron rues that “Botox really freaks me out. . . Believe me, I wish that I liked it. Who doesn’t hope for a little help every once in a while?” In addition her medicinal nose job, Cameron admits that “I do believe in tummy tucks and boob lifts. Just for the record.” Something to watch out for, no doubt.

Photo: Courtesy Harper’s Bazaar