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Brooklyn Decker: I Dress Andy Roddick 'All the Time' - Including Last Year's Crazy Halloween Costume

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Steve Jennings/Getty for EXPRESS

Brooklyn Decker isn’t shy when it comes to talking about her husband, tennis pro Andy Roddick. And she certainly isn’t afraid to call him out on his style!

“Yes, I buy Andy clothes all the time,” the model-turned-actress told PEOPLE at the Express grand opening launch in San Francisco. “Boys are helpless, lets be honest. That’s what wives are for.”

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When she’s not on the lookout for wardrobe upgrades for her hot hubby, though, Decker’s got her own shopping list going. “I’m really loving this below-the-knee length skirt trend. It’s super flattering … [and] very versatile,” she says. “I’m also really into plaid, because it can be rustic, it can be dressy and it can be vintage-feeling. I think it’s something that will always be classic. And there are a lot of embellishments and studs going on all of the clothing, and I think that is a fun trend to play with and try out for fall: the punk theme!”

Now that you know what she’s stocking her closet for fall, it’s time to find out how she plans to make sure it all fits throughout the holidays. Turns out, it’s very simple.

“I wear stretchy skirts that flatter and cover everything,” she shared. “That’s part of the solution. I love really delicious decadent food so it’s a matter of balancing it out with healthy stuff and working out. If you go to extremes, it’s going to be crazy. I don’t stay in shape through the holidays. Why even try? If mom is making homemade desserts and there are delicious foods at your fingertips why try to stay in shape? That is the one time of year you can actually go for it. I make up for it when January comes around.”

We bet that means Decker, like us, doesn’t shy away from the Halloween candy — and it turns out, she also loves dressing up. “I love costumes, and last year — this is really messed up — I made Andy go as John Bobbitt and I went as Lorena Bobbitt,” she said. “It was scary.” (Um, how do we get photos of that?)

But this year she’s keeping it simple, attending a masquerade ball: “I have a big variety of masks to choose from. Scary, nice? I don’t know yet. I can’t decide.”

What do you think of Decker’s fall must-haves and “everything in moderation” mantra? Share your thoughts (and your own best couples costume!) in the comments below!

–Brittany Talarico