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Brooke Burke's Secrets To A Flat Tummy After Baby

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If anyone knows about losing baby weight, it’s Brooke Burke. The former swimsuit model, who is pregnant for the fourth time, knows that it isn’t easy getting a flat tummy back after baby. That’s why Brooke came to the rescue with her line of post-pregnancy belly wraps, which are believed to reduces the size of the swollen uterus, reduces water retention and helps you lose inches fast, while supporting leftover baggy baby skin. Brooke’s original line of tummy tauts come in sexy lace and pure fabric, ranging from $56-$62. And that’s not the only secret Brooke has. Dying to get into your pre-pregnancy jeans, but that button just won’t hold? No fear, with Brooke’s b-buckles you don’t have to worry about using that button or getting caught with your pants down. The b-buckle has 3 adjustments and snaps right over your troubling fly — about $22. Check out all Brooke’s products and read her daily blogs on her new website