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Brittany Snow Weighs in on the Choker Trend: ‘I Feel Like I Was the O.G. Choker Wearer’

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The ‘90s trend of chokers came back in a big way in the past few months, with It-Girls like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss, Taylor Swift and practically every other red carpet superstar sporting the look. But if you ask Brittany Snow, as we did for in a new video for our “5 Questions” video series, she says she has mixed feelings about the Return of the Choker Era.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of chokers,” the Pitch Perfect 2 tells PeopleStyle. “I wore chokers all my teen years. So now that they’ve come back I’m actually kind of sad about it because I feel like I was the O.G. choker wearer. And now everyone is copying me. No I am just kidding! But I can’t wear them anymore because so many people, it’s a thing.”

Instead, she has another favorite trend: “I’m going to have to say stripes because I love wearing stripes,” she says. “I wear stripes all the time.”

TK celebJon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

In the video, she also reveals her worst red carpet moment ever. “Oh there are so many,” she says. “If anyone gets really bored you can Google any sort of red carpet I did before 2008 and it was all bad.”

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“There was a School of Rock premiere where I am wearing I think it is a black jacket, a pink shirt, a black skort and then pink and purple leopard cowboy boots with yellow trim on them. And I am going like this [pointing down to her feet] in all of the pictures because I am so proud of them. So that happened. I thought I looked so cool.”

Watch the video above to hear her dish more about style — including why people in L.A. really wear beanies in the summer and her scariest beauty moment ever (trust us — it’s scary!).

— Sharon Clott Kanter