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Brighten Up Your Smile With SexySmile Lip Gloss

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A healthy and bright smile can do wonders for your appearance, but if you drink staining beverages like coffee and non-herbal teas, your smile might just be a little duller than you’d like it to be. Even after just one glass of red wine pearly whites can look take on a purplish tint, but NYC-based dentist Dr. Pia Lieb, who specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, has come up with a quick solution. Her SexySmile lipgloss has a teeth whitener on one side, and on the other has a blue based lip-gloss that helps make teeth appear whiter. After you finish eating or drinking, just apply the Sexy Smile whitener to your teeth, and keep new stains at bay. Dress up your pout with the shiny gloss on the other end and you’re all set! SexySmile glosses come in six different shades. Pick one up at for $29.