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Break a Sweat with Nike — and Lea Michele

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Lea Michele is trading in her singing pipes for a pair of running shoes! The Glee star is partnering with Nike’s Training Club app, a free full-body exercise program for iPad, iPod and iPhone, to launch an exclusive workout routine. The 15-minute sweat session, one of more than 60 on the app, provides moves specifically designed by the star to serve as an inspiration for women to get fit. In the clip above, Michele shows off some of her favorite moves (including yoga poses and lunges) and talks about her own routine. “My schedule is so crazy, I barely have time to work out but I need to because it makes me feel good,” she says. Michele designed the moves specifically to maximize her workout, getting the most out of time between takes on Glee or free moments while traveling. She’s hoping that her involvement with the app will make it easier for her — and other busy women like her — to bust a move on the road. “The great thing about the application is that if I’m in a hotel room in the middle of nowhere and there’s no gym or anything like that, I can work out by myself,” she says. Spoken like a true soloist! Tell us: Will you download Michele’s workout app? –Kim Peiffer