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Do Blondes Really Have More Fun? Every Time Stars Have Answered That Question

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Ray Tamarra/GC

Since Allison Williams took the plunge and debuted her freshly dyed platinum blonde hair on the cover of Allure in February, it has been the topic of conversation she can’t get away from, for better or for worse. “I’m obsessed with it and stressed about it,” the Get Out actress told us not long after the switch.

And she’s finding that there is one question people just can’t stop asking her: Do blondes really have more fun?

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“I finally realized that when people [ask if blondes have more fun], they are hoping that I am more fun than I used to be, especially my friends and family, who are now like, ‘So are you a [personality] type B? Are you more chill and relaxed than you used to be?’ she said in a podcast with Vanity Fair. “You definitely get more attention. It’s so stupid.”

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The star joked more about getting harassed by friends and family about “being more fun” as a blonde on The Late Late Show with James Corden too.

“They’re asking it because they’re hoping I’m more fun now,” she said. “That’s definitely why. Even my friends and family are like, ‘Are you having more fun? Is this going to be a more enjoyable relationship for us? Are you also more fun?’ And the answer is no.”

Plenty of other blonde bombshells have joined in on the conversation about whether they have more fun with their light-colored, sunny hue. Check out the stars below who’ve shared their thoughts on the debate!

Darn, I love my sister #nationalsiblingsday #blondeshavemorefun

A post shared by Jessica Simpson (@jessicasimpson) on


If anyone’s considered the queen of the blondes, it’s got to be Jessica Simpson. And she admits that yes, she does have the most fun when she sports her luscious golden locks. In an Instagram post for National Sibling Day, the star shared a photo with younger sister Ashlee Simpson as a blonde (she’s bounced around from color to color) and captioned it, “Darn, I love my sister #nationalsiblingsday#blondeshavemorefun.”

Kevin Mazur/Getty, Courtesy Ashley Tisdale

She’ll occasionally try a new hue, but the star always goes back to blonde, and when she does, it’s because she’s “ready for some FUN!”

Stay in your magic ⚡️

A post shared by Ashley Tisdale (@ashleytisdale) on

But most recently Tisdale’s been sporting an auburn hue, and when we recently caught up with the star to talk about her Coachella plans, she said she “doesn’t really get” the whole blondes have more fun thing.

“I feel like a pretty fun personality so I like to have fun no matter what,” she told us. “I think the only difference is how people react to you. I think just being brunette, when I am super dark people just take me more seriously in some weird way than as blonde. It is different, but I always have fun whether I am rose colored or dark brunette or blonde!”

Splash News

The natural blonde became famous for her dyed red hair, but she’ll occasionally dip back into her original hue for a role. “Blondes do have more fun!” she told InStyle. “But sometimes I look in the mirror and still feel like I’m wearing a wig.”

Two blondes… Too much fun. 👯 Loved hanging with you last night @katehudson! ❤️

A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on

“Two blondes… Too much fun,” Spears wrote on Instagram. “Loved hanging with you last night @katehudson!

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

“It was totally surreal when Gigi and I took our blonde Balmain runway wigs to IRL after the show! I almost felt like I was a different person. Those wigs are SO uncomfortable, though. (I don’t understand how Kylie does it!),” the model said on a post on her website titled “Blondes Have More Fun!” “Dyeing my hair would ruin it. I’m a brunette, through-and-through—that’s just me. It’s fun to have alter-egos!”

Getty (2)

The star told People that her new honey hue was a blast- but also a lot of maintenance.

Courtesy Jenan Dewan Tatum

She took a blonde wig for a spin, writing “Do blondes really have more fun?? About to find out :)”. But her quick return to brunette (and her earlier run-ins with Sun-In) lead us to believe she decided the do not.

Amanda Schwab/Startraks

“I don’t think I need to be having any more fun these days! I leave for New York in a few days and I think, what better than to show off my new hair than in New York to see if, you know, blondes do have more fun,” the actress said when she switched up her look to get into character for It’s Kind Of A Funny Story in 2009. “I wanted to do something different,” she explains. “I play a girl in a mental institute that cut her face up with scissors. So I thought, My face is going to be cut up – I may as well have beautiful hair!”

Kevin Mazur/MTV1415/Wireimage

As someone who has been both blonde and brunette, “I would say the girls with the bigger boobs … I speak from experience!” Vergara told Ellen when the talk show host asked her if she noticed whether she had more fun with one hair hue or the other.

“Trying to figure out if blondes really do have more fun…” she wrote on Instagram after hair stylist Chris Appleton gave Mitchell warm, honey blonde highlights. (She went back to brunette pretty much right afterwards, so we guess it didn’t take her long to decide.)

Andy Terzes/TicTock Studios

The star rarely changes up her jet-black locks, but she enjoyed going platinum for a role in 2012. “I actually had a lot of fun being blonde,” she said. “But not as much fun getting to blonde. It was very time-consuming.”


Rune Hellestad/Corbis/Getty; GVK/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

“When I went darker with my hair, I don’t know why, but people took my music more seriously,” she told Maxim in 2014.

Tell us: do you think blondes really have more fun? Sound off in the comments below!