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Blake Lively Plays Scientist For a Day With L'Oréal -- and Makes a Lab Coat Look Good

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If you thought Blake Lively‘s new gig for L’Oréal Paris only involved wearing couture and showing up at press events with a perfect blowout, think again. The actress is taking her spokesperson role very seriously, even getting behind the science of the leading cosmetics brand. Yup, she put on a lab coat and goggles to see what type of work is involved in making makeup.

“Being here with L’Oréal exemplifies the woman I aspire to be,” she shares in the clip above, which takes us behind the scenes of her first day on the job and the big reveal in Paris. “Everybody knows ‘L’Oréal, because you’re worth it.’ It doesn’t mean that beauty is the center of your life, it means that confidence is the center of your life.”

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Dubbed the “Icon of a Generation” by her new bosses, Lively also talks about why she feels it’s important for consumers to understand the process behind making some of our favorite beauty products.
“My generation like[s] knowing the story of what goes behind it, because of the internet and what is at our fingertips,” she explains. “You see the commercial and the science graphics and you think it’s just marketing. But here, you see world leaders creating such incredible inventions.”

You’ll also notice in the black-and-white clip that the star managed to pick the perfect outfit — fancy trousers, a long white coat, pretty floral print top — for her tour of the lab. And she got to make her own lipstick shade, which she called “a dream come true.” (Yep, just another reason why we want to be Blake Lively.)

Are you happy Lively’s the face of L’Oréal’s new campaign? Do you envy her trip to the lab?

–Brittany Talarico