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May 31, 2017 10:49 AM
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Bravo’s Below Deck Mediterranean set sail on season 2 and just five episodes in there have already been massive fights below deck and detrimental anchor trouble that’s left the boat stranded at sea. But if anyone knows how to keep it together under pressure, it’s the cool and collected cast. PeopleStyle caught up with deckhand Bobby Giancola and chief stew Hannah Ferrier to talk about summer style, the craziest things they’ve seen on charter and of course, the drama that’s about to go down this season.

Whether or not you plan to charter a million dollar yacht any time soon, you can still summer in style thanks to these genius tips from the crew. If your plans include cruising the Caribbean or just hanging at a backyard barbecue, Ferrier suggests always having three things handy: a bikini, sunglasses and a caftan.

“I think some [yacht guests] are crazy to get fully dressed, do full makeup, go almost black tie for dinner,” Ferrier tells PeopleStyle. “I’m like, ‘You’re on a yacht. Go for a sunset swim and then have a cocktail, throw a caftan over your bikini and enjoy dinner.’ Maybe if you have a birthday or something to celebrate, for sure get dressed up one night. But I feel like a lot come on and spend half their time doing their makeup and hair. Enjoy yourself, just be chill.”

And before you embark on a summer getaway, never forget to pack the essentials. They say the items guests most frequently forget are cell phone chargers, converters, sunscreen and sea sickness medicine.

“A common thing is not really forgetting to bring sea sickness medicine, but forgetting to take it before they get on the boat,” says Giancola. “If you’re already feeling sea sick, then it’s too late.”

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Being outside all day, every day means they know which sun-protecting items last the long haul because they put them to the test, literally. “I did a sunscreen test, with two different kinds on each arm,” says Giancola. “With one application of Neutrogena you’re good for hours.”

As for Ferrier, she uses Clarins for her body, Creme de la Mer for her face and swears by polarized Ray Bans wayfarers, but mixes it up with a Céline pair throughout the season as well.

Giancola wears polarized Oakley sunglasses, although admits he’ll still “find a way to break a pair even if they’re indestructible.”

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Out of the sea of extravagant demands asked by guests, Ferrier dishes on some of the most shocking requests she’s had to deliver. “I’ve had to fly in masseuse, nail people, facialists. I’ve worked on a yacht where we had a beauty person on board 24/7, it was a 10-day charter and I think she worked an hour in the 10 days. So that’s kind of crazy.”

“I had this one charter guest that was obsessed with Chanel,” Ferrier says. “He chartered the boat for a month and in his suitcase he had 28 Chanel handbags. The day that he came on, he gave me Chanel diamond earrings to say thanks in advance. And then he gave me a Chanel bracelet about a week later and some vintage Chanel earrings about a week after that.”

What’s even more shocking than surprise Chanel gifts is some of the drama already going down between the crew. Giancola and Ferrier have already feuded when Giancola accused her of tarnishing his reputation to a potential love-interest on board. And while the dust seems to have settled on that argument, Giancola says things are only going to heat up below deck.

“It’s juicy! There’s a lot of flirting going on and confusion on who does who like,” Giancola says. “And then there’s times where you don’t want to step on anyone else’s toes, but then you’re getting mixed feelings. Then there are past relationships that affect judgement of others. You’ll see it’s crazy! Things come out of left field. There were things that still surprise me and I lived it!”

Watch Below Deck Mediterranean Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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