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Bella Thorne Has an Opinion About #AskHerMore on Oscars Night: 'I Want to Know What They're Wearing'

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Bella Throne talks about her acne

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The list of reasons to love Oscars night are endless — but for Bella Thorne, seeing all the gowns and jewels on the red carpet is the highlight of the night — and she’s talking about it in a new interview for Galore.

“I really like to know what people are wearing,” the 18-year-old cover star says of red carpets, acknowledging that while she does agree with the Ask Her More campaign, she’s still dying to know all of the the head-to-toe fashion details. “Ask more, for sure. Ask about the roles and what you have coming up but totally, I do want to know what they’re wearing.”

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Bella Thorne GaloreMax Montgomery/Galore

But she doesn’t need to be there to see the details in person. Thorne shares that watching the Oscars from home is just as important — and she even records the red carpet so she won’t miss a moment.

“When I watch The Oscars, my boyfriend and I have an Oscar party, and they’re like, ‘Okay, we need to record the first part since everyone won’t be here till later.’ And he’s like, ‘Why do you need to see the carpet? You do that all the time.’ And I’m like, ‘OMG bitch, I’m not on the Oscars carpet!'”

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So when it comes to fangirling over the celebrities and dresses, she’s just like the rest of us. “I felt so weird and like a crazy, young girl-fan who really just wanted to [see the] actors and see every little piece of jewelry they’re wearing,” she said. “I watched it and I enjoyed it. I guess ask more. Of course everybody wants to hear about [the clothes].”

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What do you think of the teen star’s love for red carpet fashion? Tell us below!

— Jillian Ruffo