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Beauty Obsession: Lipstick Queen

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Back in the day, specifically the mid 90’s, I became completely obsessed with a lipstick line called Poppy, designed by Aussie Poppy King. When the line folded in 2002, I went into a funk and bought up multiple tubes of my favorite sheer nude lipstick, which I ran out of years ago and remains in my memory as the best lipstick I have ever owned. . . until now. After years in-house at Prescriptives, Poppy King is at it again with a new line of lipsticks, aptly named Lipstick Queen. Forget the beautiful Biba-esque packaging, and go straight ultra-flattering lipsticks. Choose from the Saints collection, which are sheer and sparkle-free, or the Sinners, which are pigment heavy and super-creamy. I am now a day-time devotee of Saint Pink and a nighttime addict of Red Sinner — and I hear that Nicole Kidman and Michelle Williams are fans too. Pick up your own online at, $20. — Melissa Liebling-Goldberg

Photo: Courtesy of Lipstick Queen