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Bar Refaeli 'Really Excited' to Be the New Face of Especially Escada

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Courtesy Escada

If model Bar Refaeli could create a perfume, it would smell just like Especially Escada. The new fragrance, a light blend of roses, is a scent she “really likes.” And good thing — the Israeli starlet is the perfume’s first face.

“For a model, the biggest thing is to get a perfume deal,” Refaeli told PEOPLE in New York last week during a luncheon for the scent. “And when I heard they wanted me to do it for a few years, I was like, ‘Wow, finally!’ I’m really excited about it.”

Refaeli shot the campaign images in Los Angeles recently, in a French-inspired garden in Los Angeles where flowers had been trimmed to create Escada’s iconic double E. “It was a funny day,” Refaeli recalled. “In Los Angeles the weather should be perfect, but it was pouring rain. But somehow the photographer was able to nail it, and light it in a way that looks like a spring or summer day. We were lucky.”

The model — who’s done campaigns for Rampage in the past — says she wears perfume constantly. “I like my perfume to be suitable for day and night, and not change it,” she shared. “I like to have my smell, so when I’m around, people notice me and my smell and it comes together … almost like a second skin.” As long as the fragrance isn’t too overwhelming. “I enter a room, they know I’ve arrived … well, not because of the amount,” she joked.

Growing up, Refaeli’s olfactory system was constantly stimulated. “My mom loves perfume — she also wears it day or night — so I took that from her,” she shared. “We have the same taste in scents, definitely.” Her dad “also has this really good smell.” But when it comes to the men she dates, Refaeli likes a cleaner, lighter redolence. “For guys, I prefer the just-shaved smell,” she shared. “I love that.”

–Kate Hogan