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Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen Combine Friends and Family in Designs

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Dario Cantatore/FilmMagic

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen already have a successful working relationship, but for their new juniors clothing line, Olsenboye, they’re giving credit to their friends too. “We’ve been working with our friends who are our age and in art school,” Mary-Kate told PEOPLE last night at a JCPenney style event in New York, which featured spring apparel from Olsenboye in a fashion show. Ashley added, “They’ve helped out with the art on the web sites and doing the commercials and the videos.” The 23-year-old twins recently launched the line, available exclusively at JCPenney, to primarily appeal to teens, with most price tags under $50. “All the people at JCPenney have totally embraced all of our friends that have now participated in these projects and it’s a lot of young talent and I think it’s really exciting,” says Mary-Kate. And with their newest collection sure to be on young fashionistas’ spring shopping lists, Ashley knows one trend she is definitely skipping. “I’m a fan of strong shoulders, but I think the extreme shoulder, to me–it takes a very special person to pull it off. And I’m kind of ready to move on from that,” she says. Shop the Olsenboye collection at now!–Mari Kasanuki