Ariel Winter/SnapChat
Emily Kirkpatrick
July 24, 2017 12:29 PM

Ariel Winter is living her life exactly as she pleases. A fact she seems to have to reiterate to the masses roughly once a week, every week. Whether it’s regarding her choices over her body or how to dress said body, her love of a seriously glam momenther decision to live with her boyfriend, or her outspoken opinions about trolls and our current president, it seems that everyone wants to put in their two-cents, policing how the actress should dress, look, think, and live. And if Ariel hasn’t made it abundantly clear by now she could care less, her latest decision to get a couple of matching tattoos with her boyfriend Levi Meaden should once again underscore that fact.

The 19-year-old already has a quite a collection of body art, including a spade on her inner right wrist, a tiger on her upper back, a roman numeral inside her left elbow, the initials of her five nieces and nephews on her ribcage, and a phrase in Greek across her hip. And on Wednesday night the teen added even more pieces to her collection, showing off a new delicate snake tattoo across her left forearm on Snapchat.

Ariel Winter/SnapChat

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Ariel Winter/SnapChat

She also shared a photo of her lying across the tattoo table with her tank top pulled up and the tattoo artist bent over working on something on her left-side ribcage that Ariel has yet to reveal.

But she wasn’t the only one getting inked that night, her boyfriend also joined in on the permanent body art action with the pair getting two matching tattoos. The first piece she shared on Snapchat was two halves of a red heart with one half on the outside of Ariel’s right thumb and the other half on the outside of Levi’s left thumb so they can be pressed together to form a whole, which she captioned simply, “Me n bae.” And that’s not the only way the couple expressed their love permanently on their flesh.

Ariel Winter/SnapChat

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The actress also shared a shot of another tiny tattoo the pair got together, referencing their pet names for one another with Levi getting a jar of peanut butter on his inner ring finger and Ariel getting a block of cheese on her inner ring finger, writing, “Peanut butter and cheese with my love.” While it’s a long running joke that getting anything to do with your S.O.  permanently etched on your body is the death knell for a relationship, clearly as with everything she does, Ariel has no fears about making such a bold decision and wearing her heart on her sleeve…or thumb as it were.

What do you think of Ariel’s latest pieces of body art? Sound off below!

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