July 12, 2012 09:00 PM

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We’re enchanted by Katy Perry‘s over-the-top and totally crazy costumes. So who do we have to thank for entertaining us with those tantalizing creations? Perry’s longtime stylist, Johnny Wujek.

Wujek says he and the superstar mesh well because they share the same philosophy on style. “I love what we call ‘next level,'” he tells MTV Style. “Like how on tour, her peppermints spun (above) … I’m always looking to see how far we can push things and to do things we haven’t done.” (Reportedly, Perry’s hair got caught on one of the wheels during a performance, landing her in a compromising position and causing her to retire the costume!)

Obviously, the singer isn’t opposed to wearing unconventional garb — she did rock film reels as a bra (above) while promoting her new movie, after all — but she won’t wear fur. “I feel like fur has always been scandalous — people running around throwing paint on you and such,” Wujek explains. “Katy’s always been such an animal lover, though … literally, there will be these amazing dresses with a tiny bit of fur that doesn’t come off, and she wont wear them.”

Perry proves to be set in her ways, too. “Sometimes I’ll try and trick her, be like ‘No, that’s fake!'” Wujek jokes. “But she’ll just say, ‘Gucci does not use fake fur.'” Spoken like a true fashionista. Tell us: Do you like Perry’s costumes? Which one is your favorite?

–Jennifer Cress


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