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Angie Harmon's Shopping Style: 'I Love the Hunt'

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Chris Craymer

Angie Harmon uses a stylist for red carpet events, but for day-to-day dressing, she’s the one choosing outfits, accessorizing and finding those perfect pieces. “I love the hunt,” she tells PEOPLE during a visit to West Hollywood vintage boutique Polkadots & Moonbeams. “Going through and then having that find, and pulling out something amazing.” And with a closet the size of a master bedroom, the lucky Rizzoli and Isles star has a lot of space to stash her purchases! Defining her style as “all over the map,” the actress admits to loving classic looks — “very Jackie O,” she elaborates — and getting comfy for casual occasions. But as a child of the ’70s, she loves “disco and fun,” too. “Something with a little sparkle,” she says. It’s a fun contrast to her tomboy of a character, Jane Rizzoli, who doesn’t wear makeup or think much about clothes. But off set, Harmon is all about trips to Barneys, where she picks up Louboutins and looks by Lanvin, Michael Kors and Alexander McQueen. However, with Internet shopping so easy these days, she admits she makes purchases on her iPad from the comfort of her own home “a lot.” But maybe that’s a good thing: Harmon says that with her love of all things stylish, she hopes to do a home line and clothing line someday. She jokes, “[I’ll] put my knowledge to use!” —Reporting by Jennifer Garcia