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Andrew Garfield Shaves His Head (and His Scruff): Are You Loving His Clean-Cut Look?

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Andrew Garfield pulled a fast one on us. Right in the middle of his promo tour for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 the actor shaved off his wavy, perfectly tousled Peter Parker tresses and his five o’clock shadow. Yup, he’s totally clean shaven.

Garfield debuted his new look — a classic buzz cut, you know, the kind you just want to run your hands over — during a volunteer event with girlfriend Emma Stone and his other co-stars for a habitat restoration project at Shoreline Park in Mountain View, Calif. This is another one of those times we wish Stone was our BFF, and we could just text her to ask all about her man’s new cut.

The British actor has been waiting to shave off his hair since the beginning of his days as Spider-Man, and he finally went through with it.

“She basically treats me like a child and dresses me every day,” he joked of having a stylist while promoting the first film back in 2012. “It’s a pretty great deal, but unfortunately it becomes meaningless after a while. You crave pajamas and a shaved head.”

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For those who love a fresh buzz cut, enjoy. And for those who are currently holding a moment of silence for the actor’s gorgeous locks, don’t worry. You can remember and fawn over them in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 out May 2. How are you feeling about Garfield’s new do? Are you loving it? Share your thoughts below.

–Brittany Talarico