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And the Oscar Nominees for Best Style Moments In a Film Are ... (This Really Should Be a Category)

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In case you missed it, the 2014 Oscar nominees were announced today. And while we’re slowly ticking off all the best picture nominees from our “Must-See” list, we’re also constantly talking about some of the most outrageous style moments from this year’s films. So we came up with our own list of nominees. Below, our fantasy Oscar style ballot!

Amy Adams, Margo Robbie, Cate Blanchett
Sony; Paramount; Sony

Best Plunging Necklines: Amy Adams in American Hustle
If Adams wins the best actress Oscar, we think she needs to thank the inventor of double-sided tape in her acceptance speech, because without it, the film would be totally X-rated. Even she admitted that being in the role required “sort of a laissez-faire attitude about what your breasts are doing.” Plus, we have a feeling her low-cut wardrobe (like the black leather dress above) and outrageous red curls are going to be Halloween costume inspiration even ten months from now.

Best Lingerie: Margot Robbie in Wolf of Wall Street
The editor who is writing this caption went to see the movie with her fiancé. And let’s just say she was wiping drool from his mouth every time the Australian actress hit the screen in lingerie (or lack thereof) … which was basically the entire movie. Hey, the Duchess of Bayridge was just promoting her business…

Best Designer Everything: Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine
The Great Cate can wear just about anything and make it look outstanding, which is how we know her acting performance in the Woody Allen flick was so noteworthy. Never before has Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermès looked so desperately pathetic as it does on Blanchett as her suddenly-penniless character starts to unravel. Fun fact: The $35,000 Birkin Blanchett wears “like armor” cost more than the film’s entire costume budget, according to designer Suzy Genzinger — she had to borrow from the archives to include it.

Jonah Hill, George Clooney
Paramount; Warner Bros. (2)

Best Veneers: Jonah Hill in The Wolf of Wall Street
Hill’s false chompers in this role should have gotten their own supporting-supporting actor nomination. After all, half the fun of Hill’s character Donnie Azoff is watching him leer like — well, a wolf (wannabe, anyway) — at all the excess coming his way.

Best Hottie In a Helmet: George Clooney in Gravity
We were particularly partial to Tina Fey and Amy Poheler’s joke about Clooney‘s dashing astronaut (you know the one). But we have to give the man credit: There are very few actors who could spend their entire on-screen time in a puffy suit and helmet and look hot. Even a lack of oxygen can’t keep him from starting sparks. OK, we’ll stop here.

Best Facial Hair: Joaquin Phoenix in Her
Don’t worry, Joaquin! The Academy may have snubbed you from a Best Actor nod for your much-acclaimed role in this man-loves-computer movie, but you totally made our list for that mustache. Part hipster, part truck driver and part folk singer, your ‘stache is one only an operating system could love. Just kidding. We’re not mad at it either!

Who is on your fantasy style Oscar ballot? Which performances are you rooting for at the Oscars?

–Alex Apatoff and Brittany Talarico