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Amy Schumer Hits Back at Bikini Bashers: 'Doesn't Everyone Wear the Same Bathing Suit for Like 4 Years'

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Amy Schumer may officially be an A-list celebrity now, yachting around Hawaii with Kate Hudson and going out to dinner with Jennifer Lawrence and the rest of her squad, but the Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo hasn’t let the trappings of fame change her one bit. Whether it’s rubbing her thighs with deodorant pre-Met Gala or taking a tumble only to land at Kimye’s feet, Amy is still just like the rest of us. And as it turns out, so is her swimsuit collection.

On Wednesday evening, the comedian took time out of her extremely busy schedule to clear up a few rumors circulating on the Internet as to her presence in Hawaii and her repeat appearance in the same black-and-white patterned swimsuit. Amy wrote on Instagram, “They’re not my pals. They’re my family. Not vacationing. We are shooting a movie with Goldie Hawn in Hawaii. Yay!!!!!!!!! Also it’s funny they point out repeat wearing s bathing suit. Doesn’t everyone wear the same 2 bathing suits for like 4 years and then get a new one? #yes”

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#Yes, indeed, Amy. Unless you are a professional swimsuit model or just like to play one on Instagram, there is absolutely no reason to possess a different two-piece for every single day of the week (and honestly, even those girls seem to own too many bikinis for their own good). Although, we have to admit, we can’t help but look forward to seeing the new suit the comedian picks up four year from now. See you in 2020, Schumer.

What do you think of Amy’s two swimsuit stance? How many pairs do you own? Sound off below!

–Emily Kirkpatrick