September 12, 2012 10:00 PM

Jason Merritt/Getty

Amy Adams has a surprising little trick for ensuring she’s always gorgeous and feels great on the red carpet: Avoid mirrors. Yeah, it sounds kinda weird, but once we heard her reasoning, it made perfect sense.

Adams tells, “The first thing is not, ‘What does this look like,’ it’s always ‘What does it feel like.’ I’m a very tactile person.” So she makes a point not to check out her reflection before she has a chance to get a sense of the feel of what she’s wearing.

The Master star goes on to explain that her comfort-over-all-else rule always dictates her choices when selecting an outfit for an event. Even if she’s not visually thrilled with the dress: “Sometimes I’ll love something and we’ll take a picture, and then I’ll look and go, ‘Oh, that does not look good but it feels good.'” And that’s what counts to Adams. Clearly, she’s doing something right: if the actress’s latest red carpet looks are any indication, the trick works.

We might just have to try this next time we’re getting ready. Though don’t expect us to give up our mirrors altogether. After all, there are plenty of things that feel really comfortable, but shouldn’t be worn out of the house (we’re looking at you, Snuggie). Tell us: Do you ever wear items that are really uncomfortable in the name of fashion? Or do you go for comfort over style?

–Jennifer Cress


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