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American Idol Stylist "Taking Steps, Not Leaps" With Current Contestants' Styles

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Other than breakout musical talent and Simon Cowell’s acid-tongued comments, if there’s one thing American Idol is known for, it’s the dramatic makeovers that have created fashion icons out of the likes of Carrie Underwood and Adam Lambert. But don’t expect the transformations from aspiring small-town singers to glammed-up international sensations to happen overnight, says Soyon An, stylist for the series’ current ninth season. “We’re taking steps, not leaps,” she tells PEOPLE.  To get more details on how An keeps country girl Didi Benami’s look fresh, her vision for young, wide-eyed Katie Stevens, and how she’s even training one contestant to walk in heels, go to TV Watch. Tell us: Which current contestant’s style is your favorite?