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Allison McGevna of Inside Allie's World on How to Print Block the Right Way

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Allison McGevna, 31, of Inside Allie’s World is our resident curvy-girl style blogger, and she contributes her thoughts on finding the perfect outfit to the site each week. This week, she gives shows us two different ways to print block while still flattering your best parts. (And if her items are sold out, we’ve linked to similar styles below — happy shopping!)

Allison McGevna
Courtesy Allison McGevna

Most women are afraid of print blocking due to the widespread knowledge that too many prints at the same time will make you look, well, unstylish and confused. But listen up ladies: this is a total myth, as long as you do it the right way! I happen to love print blocking. I think it always adds something so interesting and unexpected to your outfit. I think a lot of times people are afraid of print blocking, but I think that polka dots, stripes and even florals can act as a basics in your wardrobe, if worn the right way.

The first look is really representative of my style. It’s a mix of high and low-end pieces, which is something I always strive to do. If you’re going to invest in pieces you have to be smart about what you save on as well! My skirt is from Rue 107 (similar style here!) which is a really fun and funky brand, and they do both plus sizes and straight sizes. They offers sizes 0-24 and make all the same designs, so I think it’s amazing that I can wear something that my best friend who’s a size 2 can buy as well. This print is actually Josephine Baker; I think it’s such a cool and interesting piece. It really is a conversation starter—people will actually stop me and ask where I got it. I love the A-line shape and how it’s not too long or too short, so it’s really just easy dressing. I paired it with the Old Navy chambray top which I thought was a fun way to do print blocking—you would never think that these two prints would work together, but they totally do! I also love pairing blouses over a circle skirt and tying them, because my waist happens to be a feature that I always try to play up as much as I can and this is a great way to do that without showing too much skin. If you’re hippy like me, you’ll want to break it up at the waist like I did because the circle skirt is going to call attention to your widest parts, so you have to create a flattering silhouette for yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable tying it you could always tuck it in or put a shirt underneath so you’re not at risk of showing any skin. As far as the rest of the look goes, I was having not too great of a hair day, so a great trick is to put on a turban headband (similar style here!) and cover everything. It gives an outfit a really funky vibe, and whenever I wear a big headpiece like that I love to wear big statement earrings. Those earrings are one of the first ever splurges I made when I got a “grown up” job, and they’re from Zales, but you can really get a pair like this anywhere nowadays. They’re timeless; every girl loves a hoop—especially when you’re from New Jersey like me! Then my shoes are Nicholas Kirkwood (similar style here!), which are one of my favorite pairs I own because they match with almost everything. I think women have a lot of shoes that are great for either the office or for going out, but this pair is really great for both, and because of the different colors you can wear them lots of different ways. I love this look and I think all the print and color blocking worked out really well.

For my second look, the floral skirt I’m wearing is from Eloquii, which is probably my favorite plus size brand right now—they’re doing such beautiful pieces. They have higher price points than some of their other competitors, but they always have fantastic sales where they’ll have 40% off, or buy one get one half off. This is a very rich floral print with white and green and pink and all of these stunning colors over this really rich midnight blue. It’s actually made of a scuba material so it’s nice and thick but also light enough for spring as well. It won’t be too heavy wearing it, but the material prevents any wind from getting you into any trouble. This skirt is also a little bit of a longer length, so I knew I wanted to go with a fun youthful top to keep it from looking too matronly. This top is from Monif C and it’s a lace crop top, which again is not only print blocking but now we’re going into texture blocking territory as well. I like that it’s a crop top because again it shows a little bit of the waist, but not too much—that’s why I try to go with something that’s going to hit at the waist but also has a little bit of shape and movement to it. It’s not going to look like a tight shirt pulled over a larger bust, but instead it’s going to hit right at the waist and slightly drape over it. My shoes are DVF (similar style here!). I love that they’re a little bit of an unexpected color to go with this look, but they work perfectly because of the similar green color that’s incorporated in the skirt. That’s a great way to mix and accessorize prints and hues—by looking for the non-dominant colors in the outfit you’re wearing, taking it and then matching your shoe or bag to it. Then to tie the whole look together I put on earrings that have a little bit of that green color as well. They’re just a fun, cheap pair from Charlotte Russe (similar style here!). Like I always say, splurge on those classic pieces that will always be in style—but when it comes to trendier pieces, that’s where you should be saving your money. Shop smartly, fellow fashionistas!

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What are your favorite unexpected prints to pair together? Let us know below!

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