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Alicia Silverstone Is Anti-Wool, Pro-Butt in New Naked PETA Ad


PETA Alicia Silverstone anti-wool campaign
Courtesy PETA

Alicia Silverstone has long been a crusader on behalf of animal rights. Not only has the ’90s icon long eschewed wearing any fur or leather products, but she’s also become a huge proponent of an all-vegan lifestyle, launching a green cosmetics line, “The Kind Diet” cookbook, and even a breast milk sharing program. So, naturally given the actress’s ethical leanings, she has long been a spokesperson for PETA, a role she is reprising this month in the organization’s new anti-wool campaign that features Silverstone mooning the camera.

Though you may have thought of wool as a fairly benign fabric, according to PETA’s website, though it might seem like a benign fabric, the wool industry is the new enemy. A blog post announcing the new ad states, “The gentle animals are often beaten, kicked, and mutilated so that their wool can be made into sweaters, coats, scarves, gloves, and boots.”

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And their new campaign star seconds these opinions, stating in a video she made for the anti-animal cruelty organization, “Wool in general has not been thought about…the biggest thing people say to me is, Oh, but they just shear the sheep, they don’t kill the sheep. It’s not like that, it’s on the slaughterhouse floor where there’s a conveyor belt and it’s just so fast, the shearing process, that they get cut, they get harmed and they’re seriously wounded and there’s no care for them when they’re wounded. It’s just move on to the next. These are creatures that, to the people who are doing this, are just objects.” She concluded the short PSA urging people to join her in never buying wool again.

So to get her message out, Alicia decided to go naked for PETA’s new campaign shot by Brian Bowen Smith, standing in the midst of a field, glancing over her shoulder with a sheep mask held in one hand. And over the years, the Clueless star isn’t the only celebrity to flash a little flesh in the name of encouraging the rest of the world to try cruelty-free fashion.


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