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Alexander Skarsgard Helps Margot Robbie Avoid Wardrobe Malfunction on the Red Carpet (You're About to Fall in Love)

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Fred Duval/FilmMagic

Alexander Skarsgard is already a verifiable dream man. After all, the statuesque actor possess a set of rippling abs, a chiseled jawline, and piercing blue eyes that are pretty much straight out of Viking mythology. But good looks aside, Skarsgard proved he’s also a true gentleman through and through, coming to the aid of his Tarzan co-star Margot Robbie when she experience a minor wardrobe malfunction on their latest red carpet in London.

At the European premiere of the new film on Tuesday, Robbie proved she doesn’t just play a damsel in distress on the big screen, she also is in desperate need of a helping hand in real life as well. It appears as though a small zipper in the back of her Miu Miu dress came undone while she was in the midst of posing for the cameras. And when your red carpet gown involves this many sheer panels that rely on being perfectly positioned on your body, that small detail could make all the difference between landing on the best dressed list and recreating that infamous Janet Jackson Super Bowl moment.

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Thankfully, her co-star Skarsgard was there to step in, swooping in to save the actress from her own wardrobe malfunction. Despite Margot’s slightly embarrassed face, the actor totally saved the day, adjusting his co-star’s gown as she planted a kiss on his cheek to thank him for his quick thinking. Chivalry thy name is Alex.

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–Emily Kirkpatrick