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Aerie's New Lingerie Ads Are Unretouched ... and Super-Awesome

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Courtesy Aerie

You know how bra shopping can often be, to put it politely, the worst? Either you’re contending with bad fitting room lighting and nosy salespeople while you’re half-undressed, or your online shopping experience is spent mentally trying to transfer the bra (which looks amazing on the lingerie model) onto your own non-lingerie model body. American Eagle’s intimates line, Aerie, is aiming to change all that.

The brand just launched Aerie Real, a campaign to showcase their wares on a variety of body types and sizes. But “real” in this case doesn’t refer only to the variety of body types (one of our pet peeves is the models vs. “real women” debate — all bodies are “real!”). It refers also to the fact that the photos are unretouched, both in the ads and on their site. “The real you is sexy,” the company said in a post on the site. “We want every girl to feel good about who they are and what they look like, inside and out.”

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Aerie ad campaign
Courtesy Aerie

Another benefit of Aerie’s decision to showcase a range of bodies: You can actually see what the bras look like on women who share your cup size, up to a 40DD, which is helpful in getting a sense as to whether that strapless bra is going to work for you. And the unretouched photos mean that you get an good idea of how much “double whoa” (to use Aerie parlance) the bra will actually deliver — no wondering if that amazing cleavage was delivered via the magic of Photoshop.

Frankly, we think the photos of the girls as-is are even lovelier than your average lingerie shoot — we totally adore this initiative and hope more lingerie brands follow suit. Do you like Aerie’s new campaign? Will this make you more likely to buy lingerie online? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

–Alex Apatoff